Our assistants are your first contact, as well as on the phone or at the counter. All assistants have a paraveterinarian diploma, which tells us that their education is proper and they have the knowledge to help you and your pet.

dierenartsassistente Caitlyn Immerzeel

Caitlyn Immerzeel

‘Hi everybody! My name is Caitlyn Immerzeel and I’ve graduated as a paraveterinarian in May 2013. I started looking for a job immediately, and at ‘Dierenkliniek Vondelpark’, I was hired! I got the call even before I was able to pick up my diploma. It was a dream coming true.

I always had an interest in working with animals, as long as I can remember. I was afraid working with a veterinarian might not be for me, because you will face really hard or sad things owners and their pets have to deal with. I wanted to make sure, so I took an internship at a clinic in Amsterdam. I noticed that it gives a very satisfying feeling to help ill animals and to comfort their worried owners. I never want to lose this feeling, so I really have my dream job!

I hope I can help and comfort you also, at the counter or on the phone.’

dierenartsassistente Anita van Putten


Anita van Putten

‘Hi! My name is Anita and I live together with my son Lucas, my two rabbits Stoffer en Blik (translation: dustpan and brush), and my cat Guus. After my education in animal-management, I started working at a clinic in Abcoude. At that time I followed an intensive education for paraveterinarian in Barneveld, which I’ve succeeded.

In October 2014 I applied for a job at ‘Dierenkliniek Vondelpark’ in my city of birth Amsterdam, because I was ready for a new step in my carrier. I found that step at this clinic, with modern medicine practice, a lot of diagnostic possibilities in one building and a lovely team! I work on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. The most beautiful thing about this profession is the combination of working with both animals and owners. Not only to attend to animals and their owners, but also preventing diseases is something I like very much! When I have vacation, I can’t let go of my profession. Every year I go to Suriname for a big sterilization project for dogs, which neutered 2500 animals already!

King regards, Anita.’


dierenartsassistente Nathalie Jorna

Nathalie Jorna



dierenartsassistente Kelly Buis

Kelly Buis

dierenartsassistente Fleur Visser

Fleur Visser