Veterinarian Elsje Peletier

20 November 2017

‘Who doesn’t want to be a vet! Off course I wanted this, just like many other small children. At that moment I didn’t really realize what it all meant. I had a romantic image in which all animals will get better, everyone would come in crying and leave laughing. I can tell you, I was right (often..)!

I have the best job in the world! The variation in work, try my best to be the best, see a lot of different pets and owners, in the center of Amsterdam.. we heal a lot of animals, get lots of positive reactions, have a lovely team and we all work hard to make our clinic even better. With better care for your pets and sincere involvement with the owners, we have success! Come meet us soon..’

Veterinarian Laura Reifler

20 November 2017

My name is Laura. Starting at a young age I have always had a great love for animals. I grew up in the countryside of Tanzania where I encountered many types of animals. When we moved to The Netherlands we always had plenty of pets. My love for animals only grew,  and I knew my future path in life was to help take care of animals. For this reason I studied Veterinary Medicine at Utrecht University.  Graduating in 2015,

I started at Veterinary clinic Vondelpark as an intern and loved the clinic. The team is helpful, qualified, involved with both their patients and their owners, and I believe this is the best possible place to work and make a difference. I feel very fortunate that I was able to start here as a veterinarian after my diploma. My main interests are internal medicine and cat medicine, and that is where I’m able to shift my focus.

I love traveling and in my spare time I like to play soccer or just hang out in Amsterdam.

I am looking forward to meeting you and your pet in our clinic.

Assistant Fleur Visser

20 November 2017

Hi there! My name is Fleur Visser and I have been working at the Veterinary clinic Vondelpark since 2016. I live in Amsterdam with my boyfriend and our cat Kees.

Before I started my career as a veterinary technician, I worked in sales after a previous stint in Economics. After a while I decided to make a big change and start doing something that makes me happy; working with animals! Since that moment, I have never regretted this decision! I love working with humans and animals and I love that every day is different.

Assistant Kelly Buis

20 November 2017

Hello all! My name is Kelly Buis and I live in Amsterdam with my parents, brother, 2 dogs and 2 cats.

In May 2015 I completed the Paraveterinaire study and since June 2015 I have been working at Veterinarian Clinic Vondelpark. I did my last internship and my training at this practice as well. When I finished my studies I received a phone call from Caitlyn and Els, unfortunately one of the assistants stopped and they needed someone who came to fill the gaps, so I could get started right after my studies!

The nice thing about this profession is the combination of working with people and animals. I like it very much if I can support concerned owners and see if they are relieved after a treatment of their animal. I also like to see how an animal is recovering with a lot of care and love!


Assistant Caitlyn Immerzeel

20 November 2017

‘Hi everybody! My name is Caitlyn Immerzeel and I’ve graduated as a paraveterinarian in May 2013. I started looking for a job immediately, and at ‘Dierenkliniek Vondelpark’, I was hired! I got the call even before I was able to pick up my diploma. It was a dream coming true.

I always had an interest in working with animals, as long as I can remember. I was afraid working with a veterinarian might not be for me, because you will face really hard or sad things owners and their pets have to deal with. I wanted to make sure, so I took an internship at a clinic in Amsterdam. I noticed that it gives a very satisfying feeling to help ill animals and to comfort their worried owners. I never want to lose this feeling, so I really have my dream job!

I hope I can help and comfort you also, at the counter or on the phone.