Help your cat and dog reducing their firework anxiety

30 October 2018

Anxiety for fireworks…

A common problem among pets. That is why the months of November and December are dedicated to this subject.

Do you want your pet to enjoy the new year? Then start now with getting information! Therapies to become less afraid, or supplements that reduce stress, only work really well after a few weeks.

To help you with this we give you a 20% discount on the various products of Feliway, Zylkene and Adaptil.

Please let us know is you have questions. Our team will be happy to help you and your pet!




Assistant Joy Zonneveld

29 October 2018

Hi everyone!

I am Joy Zonneveld and I live in Heemskerk.
From a very young age I’ve always loved animals, that’s why I started the Paraveterinary course. During my internship at Vondelpark Animal Clinic I had a great time and I am also lucky that after my internship I was allowed to come and work here! I graduated in June 2018 as a assistant at the Clusius College in Alkmaar.

The work as a starting assistant is very nice, this is mainly because there is a lot of variety possible here in this clinic. Hopefully I will meet you soon!




Veterinarian Nirita

29 October 2018

Hi everyone!

I am Nirita Brand and I have just joined the great team of Veterinarian Clinic Vondelpark.

I graduated in June 2013 from the University of Utrecht and since then I have been working as a veterinarian, with the exception of the last 5 months in which I have travelled around the world! However beautiful this period has been, I am more than ready to get back to work.

I look forward to meeting you and your furry friends at the clinic!