Veterinarian Loes de Nies

16 November 2019

I’m Loes and together with my husband, daughter, dog and four guinea pigs I live in Amstelveen. To add to all the fun, I also have two horses.

As long as I can remember I wanted to become a veterinarian. People can tell you whats wrong by using words, but animals have different ways of telling us. This is exactly what makes veterinary medicine so interesting for me. You do not only face the medical side, but you also need to take animal behavior and owners into account. Apart from this, veterinary medicine is very divers and you can develop yourself in a lot of different directions. My own interests especially lie in surgery, emergency care, rabbits/rodents and animal behavior. 

As a veterinary student I had the opportunity to do my internship at the Vondelpark animal clinic. I was very impressed by the team, the expertise and especially the clients! Therefor I feel privileged to work at animal clinic Vondelpark.

Assistant Lotte Gunter

16 November 2019

Hi everybody,

My name is Lotte and I have been working at Dierenkliek Vondelpark since October 2019. In the summer of 2018 I graduated as an assistant. From my internship I moved on to the Medical Center for Animals in the Emergency Department. I enjoyed working here for a year and a half and gained a lot of experience.
Nevertheless, it started to tickle again to go back to a first line clinic where the contact with the animal and the owner is even greater.

All my life I have had a passion for working with animals. My second great passion is traveling. I prefer to combine these two, like I did in 2018 when I went traveling for a few months in Africa where I participated in a volunteer project with wildlife.

I myself have always had pets. At the moment I live together in Haarlem with my two rabbits running around my house all day. Besides dogs and cats my main interest lies with rabbits and rodents.

I hope to get to know you (and your pet) soon!

Win great prices on Animal Day!

2 October 2019

Yeah it’s almost Animal Day!

Besides pampering our own pets and patients, we would also like to do something for other animals.

So come along this year and have a chance to win great prizes for your dog or cat!

In exchange for a donation you may turn on the Wheel of Fortune. The proceeds will go to the Stichting Amsterdamse Zwerfkatten, a foundation for stray cats in Amsterdam.

Hope to see you on the 4th of October!

April = Parasite Month! Is your pet well protected?

29 March 2019

April is Parasite Month

Spring is here and that means Parasite Month at Veterinarian Clinic Vondelpark! Is your pet well protected?

In April we pay extra attention to parasites. We also participate in the national Week of the Tick. That means you can make an appointment with one of our experienced nurses for a free flea and tick check. We’re also giving a 10% discount on the anti-flea products of Nexgard, Bravecto and Stronghold Plus and 10% discount on the Milbemax worming tablets!

For more information on the importance of parasite prevention and treatment, please click on one of the links below:

Parasites in cats

Parasites in dogs


Veterinarian Babette Ravensbergen

11 March 2019

As a child I had an early interest in the medical field and I was a big animal lover. It was no surprise that I chose the study veterinary medicine. My first year of studies was in Ghent (Belgium), but after a year I came back to our beautiful small country to finish my study at the University of Utrecht. The learning to become a vet I varied with more practical work as a veterinary assistant.

In 2013 I graduated. Shortly after, I got offered a job at a clinic in Hoofddorp and after that I worked for 5 years at a clinic in Haarlem. From January 2019 I’m part of the fantastic team of Veterinary clinic Vondelpark.

What I like the most in my work as a vet, is the contact with the patients, but also with the owners. I find it a challenge to work with the owner and together get to a diagnosis and treatment. My interest is mostly surgery and especially laparoscopic surgery (surgery by means of a camera). Other than that I also have a special interest in dermatology.

In my spare time I do sports, I like to travel the word, but I also find it very nice to relax at home with my red cat Moos.

I am looking forward to meet you in our clinic!

Big news! We’re moving house!

4 March 2019

Big news! We are going to move!

New address

As some of you know, Dierenkliniek Vondelpark (Vondelpark Veterinary Clinic) is moving house. Our practice has been here on the Johannes Verhulststraat 115 since 1928 and we’re going to miss our home here very much. Over the years we’ve been beside you all through many highs and lows with your pets and have made many special memories here. Even though we’re sad to leave, we’re also looking forward to moving into our new location.

Our new home is going to be Sophialaan 53. If everything goes to plan we will be able to move at the end of May. We will let you all know when our definate moving date is.

What’s going to change?

Veterinarian Clinic Vondelpark will remain Veterinarian Clinic Vondelpark. We will always keep our warm and caring atmosphere regardless of where we are.

We’re looking forward to our new practice where the doors can close, where we have a special entrance and waiting room devoted to cats, where its nice and calm for our patients and where there are no steep stairs. Also a place where we can work according to the standards of modern veterinary medicine whilst still remaining in the area we love, Amsterdam Zuid.

We’re looking forward to making new and happy memories with you all in our new home!

Keep an eye on our Facebook page and website for updates on our move!


February = Dental Month!

28 January 2019

Did you know that 4 out of 5 dogs older than 3 years have more or less dental problems? With cats, that’s an average of 2 out of 3!

Dental problems are painful and can also lead to problems with other organ systems. Reason enough to take good care of your pet’s teeth and have them checked regularly. The whole month of February is therefore again Dental Month at our clinic! This means that you can come along with your pet for a free dental check-up and receive a 10% discount on dental treatment.

Make an appointment now for a free dental check-up and advice with one of our dental assistents.

Would you like to make an appointment for the dental check-up? Then please contact us by phone on 020 – 66 20 101 or mail to Unfortunately, you cannot plan your dental check-up through our online appointment system.