Veterinarian Clinic Vondelpark has a rich past and belongs to one of the oldest clinics in Amsterdam!

At the beginning of last century, when veterinarians were mostly for treating farm animals, it was revolutionary that Dr. Johannes (Jan) Gajentaan in the year of 1928 opened his doors for the dogs and cats in Amsterdam with their owners. Dr. Gajentaan was called the Amsterdam St. Nicolas in 1950, and was the first St. Nicolas on television. He was also an author, mostly for medical books for animals. In 1935 he published the (funny) book ‘Volgende patiënt! Op het spreekuur van den Dierenarts (Next patient! At the walk-in of the veterinarian)’. The well-known illustrator Jo Spier (1900-1978) drew the dog on the front of this book, which is still the logo of our clinic. Jan Gajentaan was known in Amsterdam as a big animal lover.

His son, also called Jan Gajentaan, took over the clinic and made a big success out of the clinic, which was practicing medicine at a high level for those days. He wrote the book ‘Kleine kwalen bij hond en kat (Small Ailments in dogs and cats)’, which a lot of veterinarian have on their bookshelf. When he became a professor at the University of Veterinary Medicine in Utrecht, he sold the clinic.

After that Roderick Jansen and Menco Heun owned the clinic. Menco Heun, our previous owner and veterinarian, was a veterinarian who was there for all the pets for 30 years, 100%. A sensualist who made his hobby his profession and took interviews by the fire place, with a glass of wine.