Senior check cat

Cats often show us far too late that they are not feeling well. Sometimes they lose weight or have a less shiny coat. Sometimes they drink more or become picky, sometimes they suddenly vomit when they haven’t done so before. Sometimes they jump on the kitchen counter a little less smoothly than before. Sometimes they come and lie with you more often, smell a little less fresh from their mouths or suddenly don’t allow you to cut their nails so easily… All subtle hints that something might be wrong.

Because cats are masters at hiding these symptoms and because preventing or treating problems when they are not yet so serious has a much better result, is less stressful for the cat, is easier and also cheaper, we at Dierenkliniek Vondelpark have introduced the senior check for cats!

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What does a Senior check-up involve?

  • We send you a questionnaire in advance so we make sure we don’t miss anything.
  • We schedule an extensive 30-minute consultation for you, in which we have plenty of time to discuss all kinds of things, and try to stress the cat as little as possible.
  • We will measure weight and do an extensive physical examination.
  • We take a blood and a urine sample to test for common diseases in older cats (including blood count, electrolytes, kidneys, thyroid, pancreas, sugar, liver values).
  • We measure the cat’s blood pressure.
  • We clip nails as desirable.

Based on the results, we will discuss with you whether treatment would be advisable, and if so, which one. Everything is clearly communicated and done in consultation with you.

Hopefully the results are unremarkable. If not, we will discuss all possible options and costs with you and make sure that we make the best decision for your pet.

Don’t hesitate to call or e-mail us for more information or to make an appointment at 020-6620101.

We hope to see you soon!