For cats of every age vaccinating on a regular base is very important. The diseases we are vaccinating against are decreasing, but unfortunately they are still there. Not long ago there was a break-out of cat’s disease in Den Helder, and last year there was a case of Rabies here in Amsterdam.

Vaccinating remains important because the diseases are easy to prevent, but very hard to heal.

Boarding facilities and cat shows have strict demands about the vaccination status of your cat. If your cat is going to one of these establishments, please ask them about the requirements before you come to our clinic.

Every cat that travels abroad is required to have the Rabies vaccination.

Vaccinations Kittens
9 weeks Sneezing disease + cats disease (evt. Bordetella)
12 weeks Sneezing disease + cats disease
1 year Sneezing disease + cats disease (evt. Bordetella)

When the kitten is 3 months old, the Rabies vaccination can be given.

Vaccinations Adult Cats
2 years Sneezing disease
3 years Sneezing disease
4 years Sneezing disease + cats disease