“My dog is still eating, so he won’t have any pain in his mouth”.

We hear owners say this daily in the consultation room when we check the teeth of their dog. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Dogs are masters at hiding pain in their mouths. Even with the rottenest molars we see dogs still eating. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have any pain!

80% of dogs and cats have dental problems. These problems range from inflamed gums (also called gingivitis), reclusive gums, exposed roots and loose/rotten elements (also called periodontitis) to elements with (cats) holes, worn or broken elements and problems in the mouth due to a wrong position of elements.

Besides the fact that an animal has pain in its mouth because of these dental problems, he or she also walks around continuously with an inflammation in his or her body with all the consequences that entails. Dental problems can also smell quite bad. Not really nice when we get a well-meant lick or cuddle again!

Reason enough to treat every animal with a dental problem.

Make an appointment and come by so we can see what the condition of the teeth is and if a treatment is needed.