Elsje Peletier

‘Who doesn’t want to be a vet! Off course I wanted this, just like many other small children. At that moment I… (read more)

Cindy Reijne

‘I graduated in 2013 at the University of Utrecht as a veterinarian for small animals. Since my graduation I’ve… (read more)

Nirita Brand








‘Hi everyone! I am Nirita Brand and I have just joined the great team of Veterinarian Clinic Vondelpark… (read more)

Babette Ravensbergen








‘As a child I had an early interest in the medical field and I was a big animal lover. It was no surprise that I chose… (read more)

Fleur Knaap

‘Hi everyone, I’m Fleur Knaap and I work at Dierenkliniek Vondelpark since July 2019. The reason for me to… (read more)

Loes de Nies








‘I am Loes and together with my husband, daughter, dog and 4 guinea pigs I live in Amstelveen. To make things… (read more)

Charlotte Wesselius









Franca Borren









Liselotte Verhoeven









Miriam Dieperink












Caitlyn Immerzeel

‘Hi everybody! My name is Caitlyn Immerzeel and I’ve graduated as a paraveterinarian in May 2013. I started… (read more)

Fleur Visser

‘My name is Fleur Visser and I have been working at Dierenkliniek Vondelpark as an Assistant and Clinic Manager since October 2016. Before this time… (read more)

Kelly de Klerk

‘Hi my name is Kelly and, together with my dog Jade, I live in Zandvoort. From a young age I always knew that I wanted… (read more)

Joy Zonneveld









‘Hi everyone! I am Joy Zonneveld and I live in Heemskerk. From a very young age I’ve always loved animals, that’s… (read more)

Lotte Gunter

nurse lotte











Hi everybody, My name is Lotte and I have been working at Dierenkliek Vondelpark since October 2019. In the summer… (read more)

Marieke Drieling










Hi everybody! My name is Marieke Drieling and I graduated in 2012 as a veterinarian assistant at the Clusius College… (read more)

Mariska Wals