I’m Loes and together with my husband, daughter, dog and four guinea pigs I live in Amstelveen. To add to all the fun, I also have two horses.

As long as I can remember I wanted to become a veterinarian. People can tell you whats wrong by using words, but animals have different ways of telling us. This is exactly what makes veterinary medicine so interesting for me. You do not only face the medical side, but you also need to take animal behavior and owners into account. Apart from this, veterinary medicine is very divers and you can develop yourself in a lot of different directions. My own interests especially lie in surgery, emergency care, rabbits/rodents and animal behavior. 

As a veterinary student I had the opportunity to do my internship at the Vondelpark animal clinic. I was very impressed by the team, the expertise and especially the clients! Therefor I feel privileged to work at animal clinic Vondelpark.